Meet the Models

I am fortunate enough to have some of the best friends and customers in the world.  At Haskins we pride ourselves on being a "wearable" brand.  We believe that life comes first and strive to have all of our clothing be suitable for your life.  Perhaps that is a busy day at the office, chasing the kids around the playground, grabbing drinks with the girls, or all of the above.  Regardless we want you to wear the clothes, not the clothing wear you.
That being said, we like using "real" women in our shoots.  Not that a 6'2" size 0 is not a real person, they are and are certainly unicorns that we all dream of being.  But, for us, we want to relate to women everywhere.  These are the gals that help us here and hopefully you can resonate with one or more the help with your sizing.  Please send us a message if you have any fit questions, or just any questions at all.  Happy shopping, ladies! - Brody