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Rocking a pair of white jeans, a light blue seersucker top, and a classic jean jacket, Brody Haskins Kenneweg smiles for the camera. Wherever you see her—whether she’s at her Coligny Plaza boutique and gift shop (Haskins & Co.), tooling about town, or dressed up for a fancy party—she has that relaxed, comfortable-in-my-skin way about her that most women envy.

“My tag line is ‘Where Life Meets Style,’” Kenneweg said. “Life comes first. It’s about being who you are and having your wardrobe sort of go along with that—having pieces that work for you and where you are in your life.” As a busy wife, mother and business owner, she is walking her talk every day and helping other women see how they, too, can look stylish and comfortable wherever life takes them.

“Comfort is my thing. I love ‘grocery store dresses’” (a dress you can throw on and wear while out running errands and just be at ease). “I also like clothes that can be timeless. We have things in the store that are on-trend, like bell sleeves, for example. But I do like pieces that you can keep and work with for a long time—like this shirt,” she said, opening her jacket to reveal the cute top she was wearing. “I’ve had this for years. I love it. Seersucker is good forever.”

But when she shops for the store, Kenneweg isn’t shopping for herself. She’s shopping for the customer whose lifestyle she knows or envisions. “I’ve never been crazy into fashion, but I love shopping, which makes this perfect for me. People ask me if I love clothes, but what I love is people. I love shopping for people. That’s what’s fun for me.”

So, what will you find at Haskins & Co.? Just about any kind of outfit you might need, from that “grocery store dress” to cute shorts, classic tops, comfy rompers, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits—most of which can be dressed up or down to match a variety of occasions from a backyard picnic to a cruise to a wedding reception.

Kenneweg takes great pride in the quality of her merchandise and stands behind what she sells. She also focuses on fit and attracts women ages 20 to 70. Clothing is not too revealing or clingy—think easy wear, functional clothes for a subtle style statement or a big splash, all within an affordable price range (everything under $200, the majority $50-$100).

Jewelry? Why, yes! When it comes to accessorizing, Haskins & Co. has what you need to wake up your wardrobe—and at different price points, Kenneweg said. “Our clothes tend to be comfortable and timeless. I’ll pull in jewelry to be our trendy thing.” You’ll find nationally known brands such as Kendra Scott along with handmade pieces from small suppliers as well as local and regional artists. Don’t see exactly what you had in mind?

Kenneweg and her store manager, Lucy Berry, have created their own jewelry line, Three Four Collective, which is featured in the store, and they will be happy to make something to your exact specifications. Choose from a small selection of underpinnings, shoes, handbags, and sunglasses, and you’ll be looking chic from head to toe.

With her warm, inviting personality, thoughtfully acquired merchandise, and affordable pricing, it’s not a surprise that what matters most to Kenneweg is how her customers feel. “For me, more than anything, I want to hear that people had a good time at the store. Even if you don’t buy anything, I just want everyone to feel welcome,” Kenneweg said. The place where she always felt most comfortable and welcome was at her grandmother’s house, sitting on the porch swing. So, she put a porch swing in the store. “It reminds me of that home feeling.”

In addition, she has a small fridge, so there’s always complimentary refreshment (beer, wine, water) for people who are shopping. “My favorite thing is building relationships—with people who live here and people who don’t,” Kenneweg said.

The Coligny Plaza location is perfect for Haskins & Co., lending an opportunity to serve local clients as well as seasonal visitors who frequently find the store when coming off the beach or dining in nearby restaurants. Locals and visitors alike appreciate the broad selection of gift items she carries, including bath products, soaps, candles, painted signs, Corkcicle tumblers, cards, kids’ clothing, toys, and much more.

But it’s the hospitality and the customer service that draw people back again and again. A group of lady golfers who were on vacation came in one March morning and had some fun shopping and sipping mimosas (Kenneweg just happened to have the ingredients on hand) before their tee time. Finding clothing and gifts for themselves and their loved ones, they left happy and with the promise to be back next visit.

Another island visitor reached out from afar after being invited to attend Easter celebrations at the White House. While she could have shopped anywhere, she was compelled by what she had seen at Haskins & Co. while vacationing on Hilton Head Island. Texting photos, Kenneweg was able to pull together a few outfits for all the associated events so that the customer could look and feel comfortable and confident throughout.

And she’s doing the same for locals with a program called the Frock Box. Too busy, too tired, or not in the mood to make the trip down to Coligny? Kenneweg will put together a box of items especially for you, deliver it, and then pick up anything you decide not to keep.

One thing is certain: you’ll never be bored shopping at Haskins & Co., because the inventory changes from week to week. Whether you are a local resident, a frequent visitor, or a first-time area guest, stop in and meet Kenneweg; add to your wardrobe or stock up on gifts at this darling Coligny Plaza shop, where life meets style and girls go to have fun.

Haskins & Co. is located at 1 N. Forest Beach Dr., on the ocean-facing side of Coligny Plaza on Hilton Head Island. For more information, visit or call (843) 295-9003.